Greater Philidelphia Valley Forge Dental Conference

wednesday, march 6, 2019
Red, White & Ulcerative Lesions of the Oral Cavity - What are They? How to Treat?
  • TIME: 8:45 AM-12:00 PM
  • AUDIENCE: Dentist, RDH, DA, EFDA
  • CE UNITS: 3.0
  • LECTURE #: 011
  • AGD CODE: 730
  • MODERATORS: Dr. Hadi Ghazzouli & Dr. Scott Levy

This course is designed to guide the health care provider through the differential diagnosis, treatment and management of commonly encountered oral soft tissue growths and ulcers.

Subjects include the differential diagnosis of white lesions including leukoplakia and lichen planus and red lesions including erythroplakia and geographic tongue. Emphasis on the clinical presentation of oral dysplasia or early cancer will be illustrated. Diagnosis and treatment algorithms of lichen planus and other vesiculo-erosive conditions that can affect the oral mucosa will be presented.

Biopsy techniques including biopsies for direct immunofluorescence will be reviewed. Differentiating oral uclers based on clinical presentation, duration and location will be discussed, with special reference to oral herpes and aphthous ulcers. Diagnosis and treatment options for Burning Mouth/Tongue Syndrome and tips on separating this entity from other causes of burning, including candidiasis and reactions to topical agents such as cinnamon, mints and other agents, will be discussed.

  • Be able to identify common oral soft tissue lesions and develop a differential diagnosis
  • Be familiar with various therapeutic treatment options
  • Learn when and what to biopsy for diagnosis
  • Develop proficiency in identifying oral precancerous lesions
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Susan Muller, DMD, MS

Dr. Susan Muller retired from Emory University October 2013 and is Professor Emeritus and is currently in private practice with Atlanta Oral Pathology. Dr. Muller is Past President of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, and the North American Society of Head and Neck. She has served on the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Since 2008 Dr. Muller has been Editor-in-Chief of Head and Neck Pathology.

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